All U4A Event Rules

No whiners! | Have lots of fun!

  • We are not responsible for you during this event.
  • We will use the buddy system so you are partnered with the Old Cronies (experienced 4WDers) throughout this adventure. We’re all friends and this is a group endeavour, not a competition.
  • We always try to stick together and help one another, but with a sizable group, it is not always practical to delay the whole group for one or two people. However, you will never be left alone – that is what your buddy are there for. When you are appointed a buddy – you stick with him/her no matter what – and vice versa.
  • Only one vehicle is allowed per invitee and only two to three people per vehicle. The initial team must endure the whole trip – no substitutions.
  • Once the trip starts, vehicles must be driven and not towed on the entire excursion. Vehicles, can be towed to the starting point and back home after completion of The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™.
  • Vehicles can be towed to repair locations – the intent of the no-trailer rule is to enforce the “pavement portion” of the adventure.
  • The group will leave as close as possible to posted times. Don’t be late or you might be left behind. Also, don’t wander away without informing a team leader – again, you may be left behind. Sticking together at all times helps maintain group unity.
  • You will be wheeling with all of your gear on board, so pack wisely. Bring EVERYTHING you may NEED in your trail rig (tools, spares, sleeping bag, food, water, cooking aid, cutlery, etc.). 
  • Be prepared for any situation and do not rely on a support vehicle or trailer along the way. We are camping (primitive) almost every night. You will be living out of your rig.Participants are responsible for all of their own expenses, such as food, lodging, fuel, repairs, fees, and other expenses.
  • No firearms, pets, and no children under 8 years old are allowed on the event.
  • You are considered a representative of all affiliated sponsors and of the 4wding community as a whole. It is of the utmost importance that everybody will be at their best behaviour at all time – we are on display at the entire nation – act accordingly at all times.
  • Alcohol consumption will not be permitted or tolerated on trails or any time you are driving. Passengers are also NOT allowed to drink on trails. Violation of this rule will result in one verbal warning; the second offense removes you from The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™.
  • Illegal drug use will not be tolerated at any time. There will be no first warning – violating this rule any one time will get you removed from the event.
  • A checklist will be provided to ensure that you have packed all the necessary goodies you will need for your Ultimate 4wd Adventure.
  • We all enjoy and appreciate clean nature so let’s leave the trails and camping spots as clean and tidy as we have found them.
  • Carnage on the trail to your Rig is highly possible so if and when it happens smile about it you will have a story to tell when you get home.


Vehicle / Driver Requirements

There will be a technical inspection of your vehicle at check-in. Your vehicle will be inspected for all of the following equipment and paperwork. You will not be allowed to join The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™ should your vehicle fail this inspection.

  • Your vehicle must be road worthy and capable of sustained highway speeds of 100km/h and a fuel range of at least 250 km.
  • Your vehicle must be street licensed and insured and driver(s) must have a valid driver’s license. Registration disk must be current and not expiring during the trip.
  • Front and rear axle lockers (limited slips can also be approved depending on Rig).
  • Must be self-sufficient! Bring your own spare parts, fluids, tools, food, water and camping gear.
  • Fitted with front mounted vehicle recovery winch, and controller.
  • Winch accessory kit that include: tree saver, snatch block, clevis, chain, gloves.
  • Adequate first-aid kit per Red Cross requirements.
  • Seatbelts for all occupants, always to be worn when vehicle is in motion.
  • Adequate recovery tow hooks and/or shackle/clevis attachment points front and rear.
  • Secure battery hold-down.
  • Minimum 33/35/37-inch tire size and adequate spare tire. (This depends on Rig and also the trail.)
  • Functional parking brake.
  • Properly working CB or handheld UHF/VHF radio – licensed where applicable. (optional).
  • Fire extinguisher mounted in reach of occupants.
  • Snatch strap/recovery rope-without metal hooks.
  • Adequate jack and jack points.
  • As much body / belly and diff protection is highly advisable.

 Sponsorship and Sponsors’ protection

This is a Ultimate Adventure Media event designed to entertain our club members and the entire 4wding community in South Africa. A media crew accompanies us on the event to capture as much footage as possible for later media coverage. Ultimate Adventure Media (Pty)Ltd, the official organiser of the event, offers certain privileges and media exposure to the official sponsors of The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™. In order to protect the market exposure of these sponsors, only official sponsor’s lettering and/or logos are allowed to be displayed on any vehicle participating in The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™. Your vehicle must be stripped of all and any lettering/logos which are not representative of the brands of official sponsors. You will be supplied with logos from our sponsors should you wish to run them, as well as The Ultimate 4wd Adventure™ logos for your vehicle’s windshield, of which the latter is compulsory.